Property Tax Help Project Consultants is a Chicago-based firm that works with all property owners of Cook County as well as any commercial or industrial property owners neighboring Cook County. Whether your property is residential, commercial or industrial, if it's in Cook County we offer you over two decades of experience to provide the highest level of professional service throughout the entire tax appeal process. Work with the experts, including former staff members of The Cook County Assessor's Office who understand the intricate navigation process of a property tax appeal that can reduce what you owe and if errors are discovered can get you a refund for what you've already paid in the past three years.
If you feel you might be paying too much in Cook County property taxes, call us today for your no obligation tax analysis.
You may be paying more than your share of taxes on your residential or business property.
After your property tax analysis, your Consultant will make an expert recommendation on how to proceed. Once the proper action is determined, Your Consultant can mail the appropriate forms for signature. We then handle the entire appeal process. Our fee is a small percentage of the savings and refunds secured through your appeal. If we are not successful, there is no cost to you.
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